Student Engagement

People to talk to:

Sharon Harvey, Associate Professor – College of Human and Health Sciences

Sharon participates in the University’s Open Door Programme, which is coordinated by the Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching (SALT). Please use the following link if you are interested in observing Sharon’s student engagement techniques.

Tom Hewes, Senior Lecturer Paramedic Science – College of Human and Health Sciences

Don’t forget the basics!

Tom believes in positivity and variation of approach to build relationships:

I believe we should actively listen to our students. Vary the delivery methods that we use when teaching and tailor our materials to the specific audience. To spice up our sessions we can make use of pictures, videos, audio tracks and case studies where possible. We should change the pitch of our voices and remain encouraging and positive. When we deliver, I think we should move around the classroom and use the students names, ask them questions directly, and as a group


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