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Gwasanaethau Ansawdd Academaidd

Our webpages are currently under review due to the University’s internal restructure from seven academic Colleges to three Faculties. As a result, terminology may differ between the pages. Please bear with us while we make these changes.

Academic Quality Services is part of Swansea University’s Academic Services and is committed to providing a supportive, enhancement focused, enabling and solution focused approach to quality assurance and enhancement, embodying the University’s core Professional Services Values: We are Professional, We Care, We Work Together.

We work in partnership with students, academic and professional services colleagues. We make effective use of data, streamlined and integrated systems and processes to provide an engaging, professional and open support service. We meet the challenging demands of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and deliver the strategic aims of the University. We deliver an approach to quality assurance and enhancement which has meaningful and positive impact on core business and, ultimately, the student experience.

Academic Quality Services covers a wide range of areas designed to assure and enhance quality including:

Programme Design & Approval   Collaborative Partnerships    Effective Practice   Regulations and Publications

Quality Reviews  Learning, Teaching & Assessment    External Examiners   

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If you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect of Quality Assurance and Enhancement at Swansea University, do please contact us.

Phil Maull

Head of Academic Quality Services

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