The Post-Approval Process

How Long is my Programme Approved for?

All programmes are normally approved for a period of five years.

The first cohort of students is required to enrol upon an approved programme within 24 months of approval (allowing for a significant lead in time to ensure programmes are launched with successful recruitment).

In cases where this does not occur, and/or where the programme has had no enrolments for three consecutive academic sessions, the programme will be considered for withdrawal and must be re-approved prior to any future recruitment.

The Quality Review process will review and re-approve programmes in most other instances, unless significant changes to programmes are required, which will be reviewed by the Programme Approval Committee under the Amending an Existing Programme process (depending on the nature of the change). 

What do I Need to do Once my Programme has been Approved?

Once your programme has been approved by the Programme Approval Committee and ratified by the Academic Standards and Quality Committee, you will need to complete the following actions prior to the first cohort of students arriving.

  1. Ensure an appropriate External Examiner(s) is appointed.
  2. Market and promote the programme and recruit students.
  3. Ensure Programme web pages are created, accurate and launched (including KIS pages).
  4. Ensure relevant student handbooks are completed and made available.
  5. Ensure a Board of Studies is available to manage the programme.
  6. Ensure appropriate module Canvas pages are created and populated.
  7. Ensure any mentors or external supervisors are appointed and trained.
  8. In case of Collaborative Programme(s) or programmes with placements– ensure sufficient training is given to partners on Swansea University regulations and procedures.


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