Division of Responsibilities for Development of a Collaborative Partnership/Programme

Academic Quality Services works closely with the Academic Partnerships Department, the International Development Office, Research, Engagement and Innovation Services and the University’s Legal Services Team to support Faculties and Schools in the development, approval and review of collaborative partnerships.

The following is a Division of Responsibilities of stakeholders:

Academic Quality Services (AQS)

Committee/s: Programme Management Board, Collaborative Partnerships Board, Programme Approval Committee, Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee, Academic Regulations and Cases Board and Academic Data Quality Committee.

Responsible for:

  • Approvals (partners and programmes via appropriate committees);
  • Due Diligence enquiries on exchange proposals;
  • CPB scrutiny of articulation arrangements;
  • Risk Assessment;
  • University quality framework and review;
  • Academic Quality Assurance;
  • Quality reviews;
  • Project Management (in conjunction with PSPU, as necessary);
  • Supporting Faculties/Schools with programme development, regulations etc.;
  • Suspension and withdrawal of programmes;
  • Producing clearly articulated processes.


Committee/s: Faculty/School L&T and Faculty/School Research Committee

Responsible for:

  • Completing preliminary risk assessment form for student exchange proposals;
  • Completing new student exchange proposals form for Faculty-led proposals;
  • Ensuring that Faculty/School L&T/Research Committee (as appropriate) supports the proposed partnership;
  • Producing and maintaining Student Handbook;
  • Carrying out site visit to proposed partner;
  • Completing site visit report and submit to Academic Quality Services;
  • Obtaining CVs for relevant teaching staff at proposed partner and gain approval by Faculty/School L&T Committee (franchise and validation arrangements);
  • Liaising with the proposed partner regarding the creation of an annual report (template available);
  • Appointing a Link Tutor (depending on type of collaboration);
  • Establishing a joint Board of Studies, depending on the nature of the collaboration;
  • Nominating a student to sit on the approval panel.

Collaborative Partner

Responsible for:

  • Identifying who at the prospective partner has the authority to enter into negotiations and make official decisions;
  • Responding to due diligence enquiries and providing supporting documents when requested;
  • Liaising with the Faculty/School regarding the creation of an annual report (template available);
  • Liaising with the IDO for student mobility;
  • Liaising with APD for other collaborative arrangements.

Academic Partnerships Department (APD)

Committee/s: Programme Management Board, Collaborative Partnerships Board and Programme Approval Committee

Responsible for:

  • Liaising with Marketing and IDO to identify concepts and opportunities;
  • Site visits and reports;
  • Supporting Faculties/Schools with proposals;
  • Working with Faculties/Schools  to produce a business case;
  • Conducting Due Diligence enquiries;
  • Liaising with Legal re contracts;
  • Liaising with Finance re fees;
  • Creating a Division of Responsibilities;
  • Management of tripartites;
  • Maintaining partner data on CP database;
  • Partner relationship management;
  • Identifying funding opportunities;
  • Collating/supporting APR process.

Research, Engagement and Innovation Services (REIS)

Committee/s: N/A

Responsible for:

Research Development

  • Finding funding;
  • Proposal Development;
  • Proposal Submission;
  • Award/Grant.

Project Services

  • Project Support;
  • Project Closure.

Legal Services Team, including Governance, Compliance & Legal

Committee: Senate

Responsible for:

  • Issuing UKVI legislation and guidelines;
  • Issuing CMA legislation and guidelines;
  • Issuing GDPR legislation and guidelines

International Development Office (IDO)

Committee/s: International Strategic Management Group & Collaborative Partnerships Board

Responsible for:

  • Student Mobility
  • Marketing & recruitment of student mobility opportunities;
  • Meeting targets;
  • Articulation arrangements;
  • Maintaining accurate student mobility and exchange; agreement data on CP database;
  • Exchange agreements;
  • Incoming & Outgoing exchange and study abroad students;
  • Liaising with Academic Coordinators;
  • Monitoring exchanges;
  • Watch List of exchange arrangements.

All the necessary forms can be found in our Documents Hub.


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