Division of Responsibilities for Development of a Collaborative Partnership/Programme

Each of the internal stakeholders has a specific responsibility in the process of the development, approval and review of collaborative partnerships/programmes:

Academic Quality Services (AQS)

Committee/s: Programme Management Board, Collaborative Partnerships Board, Programme Approval Committee, Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee, Academic Regulations and Cases Board and Academic Data Quality Committee.

Responsible for:

  • Approvals (partners and programmes via appropriate committees);
  • Due Diligence enquiries on exchange proposals;
  • CPB scrutiny of articulation arrangements;
  • Risk Assessment;
  • University quality framework and review;
  • Academic Quality Assurance;
  • Quality reviews;
  • Project Management (in conjunction with PSPU, as necessary);
  • Supporting Colleges/Schools with programme development, regulations etc.;
  • Suspension and withdrawal of programmes;
  • Producing clearly articulated processes.


Committee/s: College/School L&T and College/School Research Committee

Responsible for:

  • Completing preliminary risk assessment form for student exchange proposals;
  • Completing new student exchange proposals form for college-led proposals;
  • Ensuring that College/School L&T/Research Committee (as appropriate) supports the proposed partnership;
  • Producing and maintaining Student Handbook;
  • Carrying out site visit to proposed partner;
  • Completing site visit report and submit to Academic Quality Services;
  • Obtaining CVs for relevant teaching staff at proposed partner and gain approval by College/School L&T Committee (franchise and validation arrangements);
  • Liaising with the proposed partner regarding the creation of an annual report (template available);
  • Appointing a Link Tutor (depending on type of collaboration);
  • Establishing a joint Board of Studies, depending on the nature of the collaboration;
  • Nominating a student to sit on the approval panel.

Collaborative Partner

Responsible for:

  • Identifying who at the prospective partner has the authority to enter into negotiations and make official decisions;
  • Responding to due diligence enquiries and providing supporting documents when requested;
  • Liaising with the College/School regarding the creation of an annual report (template available);
  • Liaising with the IDO for student mobility;
  • Liaising with APD for other collaborative arrangements.

Academic Partnerships Department (APD)

Committee/s: Programme Management Board, Collaborative Partnerships Board and Programme Approval Committee

Responsible for:

  • Liaising with Marketing and IDO to identify concepts and opportunities;
  • Site visits and reports;
  • Supporting Colleges/Schools with proposals;
  • Working with Colleges/Schools  to produce a business case;
  • Conducting Due Diligence enquiries;
  • Liaising with Legal re contracts;
  • Liaising with Finance re fees;
  • Creating a Division of Responsibilities;
  • Management of tripartites;
  • Maintaining partner data on CP database;
  • Partner relationship management;
  • Identifying funding opportunities;
  • Collating/supporting APR process.

Research, Engagement and Innovation Services (REIS)

Committee/s: N/A

Responsible for:

Research Development

  • Finding funding;
  • Proposal Development;
  • Proposal Submission;
  • Award/Grant.

Project Services

  • Project Support;
  • Project Closure.

Legal Services Team, including Governance, Compliance & Legal

Committee: Senate

Responsible for:

  • Issuing UKVI legislation and guidelines;
  • Issuing CMA legislation and guidelines;
  • Issuing GDPR legislation and guidelines

International Development Office (IDO)

Committee/s: International Strategic Management Group & Collaborative Partnerships Board

Responsible for:

  • Student Mobility
  • Marketing & recruitment of student mobility opportunities;
  • Meeting targets;
  • Articulation arrangements;
  • Maintaining accurate student mobility and exchange; agreement data on CP database;
  • Exchange agreements;
  • Incoming & Outgoing exchange and study abroad students;
  • Liaising with Academic Coordinators;
  • Monitoring exchanges;
  • Watch List of exchange arrangements.

All the necessary forms can be found in our Documents Hub.


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