Developing a Collaborative Partnership/ Programme

Depending on the nature of collaboration, development process may involve multiple internal stakeholders. All proposed collaborations must have the support of the Faculty’s/School’s Learning and Teaching Committee or Research Committee, as appropriate, before the proposal can progress to institutional consideration.

Academic Quality Services may work closely with the Academic Partnerships Department (APD), the International Development Office (IDO), Research, Engagement and Innovation Services (REIS) and the University’s Legal Services Team to support Faculties and Schools in the development, approval and review of collaborative partnerships.

The following is a Division of Responsibilities for Development of a Collaborative Partnership/Programme.

Proposals with collaborative partners must also complete the following additional processes:

  • Declaration of Interest
  • Due Diligence on Partner(s)
  • Site Visit
  • Risk Assessment
  • UKVI Compliance
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Agreement of Financial, Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • Approval of Partner by Collaborative Partnership Board
  • Memorandum of Agreement
  • Programme Approval


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