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People to talk to:

John Knight, Associate Professor – Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Science

John participates in the University’s Open Door Programme, which is coordinated by the Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching (SALT). Please use the following link if you are interested in observing John’s interactive techniques.

Sophie Cunningham, Senior Lecturer in Midwifery - Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Science

Sophie receives glowing recommendations from her students. She has been described as approachable, encouraging and supportive; passionate about everything midwifery, and ‘inspirational’. One student said it was ‘a privilege to be taught by her’. Another student who nominated her described her as ‘a dedicated and inspirational lecturer, clearly passionate about her career as a midwife, but also about sharing her expertise, knowledge and experience – in doing so helping her students to become the best midwives they can be.’
Sophie describes here approach here:

Throughout the majority of my teaching sessions I try to ‘think outside the box’, often using more practical ways of delivering the same information in an attempt to avoid using PowerPoint!
An example of this might be blood tests and values where I designed a game for students to match the relevant tests with the correct values, including the blood bottles they will be using in practice.
I try to make everything fun and get the students thinking and moving!
As we share good practice within our team, in the long term everyone strives to be more creative and innovative in their teaching wherever possible.

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