Assessment and Feedback

All modules must have a specified type of moderation method to be used. Whilst double blind marking for all assessments would be ideal, the University accepts that it is very resource intensive. The University therefore accepts a range of moderation method options for assessment(s) which contributes to the overall module mark. Please select the most appropriate form of moderation method for the assessment type or subject area. Assessment methods that have objective and/or automated marking (e.g. optically read or computer based), do not require double marking.

All Taught Postgraduate Dissertations and Project Work submitted as part of Directed Independent Learning MUST be subject to either universal double blind or universal non-blind double marking.

When a collaborative partner is involved within the development and delivery of a module, the partner must be made aware of Swansea University’s regulations, and the requirements of its Assessment and Feedback policy.

Assessment Components

To add assessment components, click on the ‘Update Module Component(s)’ button in the top left hand corner. This will automatically update the Student Examination System, so that you should not need to update any other systems.

Enter all required components, including the percentage weighting each assessment type contributes to the overall module mark. In the ‘component descriptions’ section, enter any other information about the assessments, including word lengths, duration of presentations etc.

Once all required assessment components have been added, click on the cross in the top right of the screen to return to the template. There is currently no indicator to confirm the amendments have been made, other than that they should now appear in your template.

For more detail on assessment components please see the FAQ section.