APR Guidance – Phase 3

9. External Examiner Reports and Responses

Please reflect on any issues raised and responses to External Examiners Reports, summary reports and any actions taken as a result.

10. Number of Supplementary Assessments and Deferrals

Please refer to the Number of Supplementary Examinations and Deferrals Data.

Subject Areas are invited to reflect on:

Modules where higher rates of supplementary assessment was required, and the possible reasons for this.

Changes made or planned to modules and their impact on supplementary assessment rates.

11. Student Experience

Please refer to the Student Experience Data (National Student Survey, Student Experience Survey, Postgraduate Taught Student Experience Survey).   Please reflect on both quantitative and the qualitative data.

Subject Areas are invited to:

  • Reflect on trends in student feedback in general
  • Reflect on any initiatives, changes or engagement activities undertaken to improve student experience and enable the student voice.
  • Reflect on any broader contextual issues impacting these results