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Assuring Quality and Standards through Covid-19

Academic Quality Services will continue to ensure quality and standards during the ongoing COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis, whilst avoiding unnecessary burden on academic and professional services staff, focusing on enabling students to achieve good outcomes and by further streamlining quality assurance processes where possible to enable the University to respond swiftly to face the challenges presented.

Academic Quality Services remains fully operational in terms of day to day service, with a full complement of officers and managers working from home. Members of the team can be contacted by email and telephone as normal and we can arrange remote meetings as required.

Swansea University has taken huge strides in recent years in the area of student partnership and engagement. The Student Rep system, developed in partnership with the Student Union, has blossomed into a thriving network, supporting and promoting the student voice across our community. Now Academic Services, again in partnership with the Union and with the support of the Swansea Employability Academy, are pleased to announce the next phase of our student partnership initiative, the Student Review Community.

We are looking to recruit new student reviewers today. If you are interested in making a difference and getting some valuable professional experience then read on.

What is the Student Review Community?

The Student Review Community is a network of students who want to get involved in the quality assurance processes and improve academic quality across Swansea University. Student Reviewers are trained and mentored, and then assigned to specific quality events, reviews or activities, where they will provide a critical, insightful student voice in order to help the event reach a positive and meaningful outcome. This guide explains a bit more about what you can expect as a Student Reviewer.

What do I get out of it?

As a member of the Student Review Community you can expect to gain considerable experience and skills and confidence that will help you find your feet in the professional environments in the future. You will also have the opportunity to contribute directly to the quality of the learner experience at Swansea University, and have your voice heard as a valued member of the institution.

Everything you do as a Student Reviewer will appear on your HEAR record, demonstrating:

  • Evidence of your professionalism and ability to take on responsibility
  • Direct experience of a values-led management/administrative culture
  • Confidence in meeting environments
  • Your ability to contribute to academic debate and decision making
  • A keen interest in learning, teaching, academic quality, curriculum design and other educational themes.
  • Your ability to handle confidential information and work under data protection laws
  • Your commitment to communicating and influencing positive change within the University
  • Self-confidence, time keeping, work prioritisation and a commitment to continuing professional development
  • For experienced student reviewers, experience delivering training and coaching your peers

Extensive training will be provided to all student reviewers, starting with group sessions then progressing to more specialised one-to-one coaching. Sessions will be offered by the Swansea Employability Academic to help you talk about your experiences as a Student Reviewer to potential employers. You will also have a tangible record, as student review activities can also count towards the HEAR Award, and the Swansea Employability Academy Award. And, last but not least, you will meet many passionate, friendly and inspiring people at all levels across the institution working to make things better. It promises to be an enriching experience for all involved.

What opportunities are available?

If you become a member of the Student Review Community, you can expect to participate in one or more of the following activities:

Activity Description Estimated commitment
Programme Approval Provide a student perspective on new academic degree proposals coming to the Programme Approval Committee (PAC). Approx. 2 hours of reading, and 2 hours for the meeting.
Quality Reviews Act as a panellist for in-depth reviews of academic programmes. There are approximately 20 reviews taking place in 2019/2020. Approx. 3 hours of reading and prep, and a full day (6 hours) for the review. Lunch provided!
Quality Focus Groups Contribute to occasional gatherings of academics, students and staff to develop responses to particular academic quality challenges. 1 – 2 hours
Committees Optional positions are available on other academic committees, including Postgraduate Research, Collaborative Partnerships, Regulations and Cases, Learning and Teaching, and Awards and Assessments. Approx. 2 hours for each meeting.
Curriculum Design  Participating in workshops and meetings spread over a number of weeks to support the design of new degree programmes. Variable commitments, between 5 and 20 hours +
Institutional Quality Enhancement Review Swansea University is being reviewed by the Quality Assurance Agency in 2020. A range of roles and projects will be available to student reviewers. From 1 hour to multi-week projects.

If you are interested in joining the Student Review Community you can register below:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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