Recording Learning Sessions

All staff are encouraged to engage with and make use of the lecture recording facility provided in learning spaces across the campuses. By default this is an opt-in service, the decision to make the recording will lie with the individual staff member/s delivering the learning activity or at Programme level (whichever is deemed appropriate within the College/School) and the availability of the software within the teaching space.

Swansea University expects staff and students to comply with all applicable UK & European copyright legislation. Staff should ensure they have the appropriate copyright clearance for any material covered within the recording. Further advice is available via and guidance and training materials can be found on the SALT website.

Recordings should only be made accessible to those students enrolled on the course unless otherwise agreed by the staff delivering the learning activity.

Staff member/s delivering the learning activity should inform students that the activity is to be recorded and apply discretion and pause or later edit a recording, for example if sensitive material is being taught or if the recording is considered to be interfering with interactive teaching.

Use and misuse of recordings

Recordings may be used for personal study only. It is recognised that most students are responsible learners. However, if a student misuses any recording (audio or visual) in any way, for example, through malicious editing, by selling audio files of lectures or by posting on a social network or other publicly accessible internet pages or websites, existing disciplinary measures will be taken in line with the University’s standard Social Media Guidelines for Students.

Any use of a recording other than for a student’s personal use in relation to their studies or any unauthorised distribution, wholly or in part of a recording will be considered a breach of the ISS Computer Regulations and will be subject to disciplinary action.

Covert recording of any learning activity is not permitted and will be treated as a disciplinary offence.

Students may have the opportunity to make an audio recording of learning activities for study purposes where official recordings are not available. To allow this the student must, in advance of the learning activity, seek approval from the staff member/s delivering the activity. The decision to allow a recording will, however, lie with the staff member/s delivering the learning activity.

Any approved student recording must be deleted as soon as they cease to be a student of the University, use of any recordings will be governed by section 2.5 of this policy.

Recordings will not be used for staff professional development reviews or staff promotion purposes unless the staff member concerned chooses to do so.

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