Proposal Phase

Once the Concept is approved and the Market Intelligence indicates a favourable market, the next step is to complete the full programme proposal using the online Programme Approval and Management system (PAM). In the first instance, you should contact Academic Quality Services to set up the outline programme and to provide some initial training and support in using the system if you are new to it. This will help to make the process smoother throughout as we can ensure that you have the correct set up for your programme from the outset.

Colleges should complete the required information in the Programme Approval and Management (PAM) System which focuses primarily on the business case, including the rationale, viability and projected growth, resource requirements and tuition fees. All developments must either be identified within the College/School Business Plan, or will need approval from the Head of College/School and College/School Finance Manager to ensure the development can be included within the Business Plan approach.

The PAM system can be accessed by logging into the intranet and selecting Academic Records > Courses > PAM. Once approved by the Colleges’/School’s Learning and Teaching Committee, the Proposing Team must present a case to the Programme Management Board.

If the proposal is approved to proceed to full development, Colleges/Schools will be permitted to list the new programme on the University’s ’Coming Soon’ page. The University does not normally approve formal marketing or recruitment at this stage to ensure compliance with consumer law and the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) guidelines.

However, the ‘Coming Soon’ approach enables Colleges/Schools to promote the programme to potential applicants in advance of full approval, enabling them to submit expressions of interest for the new programme, but no formal offers are made.

At this point, Academic Quality Services will establish a full Programme Delivery Plan to support the development of the programme through to completion.

Actions Required:
  • Create new proposal on PAM system
  • Complete sections and upload Market Intelligence Report
  • Embed any resource requirements within College Business Plan
  • Seek approval from College Learning & Teaching/ Research Committee
  • Submit to Programme Management Board

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