Postgraduate Research

This Code of Practice for Postgraduate Research provides information on the framework, principles and processes for the effective operation of Postgraduate Research programmes at Swansea University.

This Code of Practice is informed by the UK Quality Code for Higher Education, notably Research Degrees Advice and Guidance, but also aligns to all sections of the Quality Code where Postgraduate Research is mainstreamed into the Higher Education Quality Assurance environment.

The key aspects contained within the Code of Practice are:

  1. Quality Assurance of Postgraduate Research Programmes
  2. Postgraduate Research Programmes: Student Admissions and Candidature
  3. Changing, Extending or Suspending Postgraduate Research Programmes
  4. Employment of Research Students
  5. Training and Development
  6. The Research Environment and Community
  7. Supervision of Postgraduate Research Students
  8. Assessment of Research Degrees
  9. Additional Information for Research Students


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