Post Approval Process

Good University Guide 2019

Following approval by the Programme Approval Committee, the Proposing Team should then undertake a series of activities which require completion prior to the launch of the programme and the intake of students. The University will also undertake a number of post approval processes to establish the programme within the institution (including route and UCAS codes where applicable) and notify all relevant parties.

Actions Required:
  • Meet any affirmations affixed to approval;
  • Market and promote the programme and recruit students;
  • Ensure Programme web pages are created, accurate and launched (including KIS pages);
  • Nominate and appoint External Examiner(s);
  • Complete relevant Module and Programme Student Handbooks;
  • Ensure appropriate module Blackboard pages are created and populated;
  • Assign Programme to an existing Board of Studies or convene a new one;
  • In case of Collaborative Programme(s) – ensure sufficient training is given to collaborative partner on University regulations and procedures, supported by the Academic Partnerships Directorate.


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