Management Team

The Academic Quality Services team is led by Phil Maull and Ceri Penhale who together have a wealth of Quality Assurance experience in the Higher Education sector.

Phil Maull, Head of Academic Quality Services and National Quality Assurance Director, National MA Education (Wales)


Areas of Responsibility: Phil leads the Academic Quality Services team ensuring target delivery and impact, aligned to the University’s strategic plan, whilst promoting a flexible, engagement and wellbeing-led approach to work, founded in positive relationship building and mutual support.  

Phil overseas quality assurance and enhancement activities for the University including, Programme Design, Approval and Review, External Engagement (External Examining, national and international Collaboration), Regulations, Policy and Publications and Student Feedback (data collection, analysis and implementation of change). Phil is a member of key University Quality Assurance Committees and Boards including: 

  • Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee 
  • Academic Regulations and Cases Board
  • Collaborative Partnership Board 
  • Programme Management Board 
  • Programme Approval Committee 
  • SAILS Management Board 

About Me: Phil started his professional career in retail sales, learning the core principles of great service, and brought this into the Higher Education environment in 2002, supporting the establishment of the Medical School at Swansea University. Phil spent eight years in the Medical School establishing the Education Support Team and working on delivering exceptional student experience for graduate entry medics, undergraduate and postgraduate students across all areas from student finance, admissions, timetabling and learning, teaching and assessment, across multiple sites in partnership with the Health Boards of South Wales. 

Phil then moved to Academic Registry as a Quality Officer, specifically tasked with student experience enhancement and programme and curriculum design and delivery, leading to the development of an innovative Student Experience Engagement Process and a new Programme Development and Management system. Following a period working with the Planning and Strategic Projects Unit as a Student Experience Project Manager, Phil was appointed as Head of Academic Quality Services in 2015, bringing 13 years of experience and ideas to the role, and combined this with cutting edge approaches from other environments, notably major tech companies. 

Phil is passionate about inclusive curriculum and assessment design, student engagement and partnership working, data informed efficient approaches to Quality Assurance, systems thinking, design and development, and how to embed quality assurance and enhancement as a core and enabling business process within Higher Education.

Ceri Penhale, Regulations, Quality and Standards Manager


Areas of Responsibility: Development, implementation and on-going operational management of all aspects of regulations quality assurance and enhancement and ensuring appropriate external expectations and standards are maintained across the University.

Currently Ceri has been seconded to project manage the QAA quality enhancement review scheduled to take place in March 2020.

About Me: Ceri joined Swansea University in 2010 as a Quality Administrator based in the Quality Office in Academic Registry (now named Academic Services). In this role, Ceri was secretary to the University Learning & Teaching Committee, was responsible for the University’s Annual Programme Review (APR) process and was responsible for conducting Periodic Programme Reviews across the University. In 2015 Ceri moved into her current role of Regulations, Quality and Standards Manager where she has management responsibility for the Academic Quality Services team, and responsibility for developing and leading the University’s academic regulations, quality assurance and enhancement processes and policies, as well as ensuring academic standards for the University’s academic portfolio.

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