Learning, Teaching and Assessment

The Code of Practice for Learning, Teaching and Assessment provides the framework, principles, policy, processes and guidance necessary for effective, inclusive pedagogy, and has been created in partnership by Academic Quality Services, Swansea Academy for Learning and Teaching, Swansea Academy for Inclusivity and Learner Success, and the Centre for Academic Success.

This Code of Practice strives to be evidence based, and is aligned to the expectations, practices and guiding principles of the UK Quality Code, Advice and Guidance (QAA).

In June 2018, a gold Teaching Excellence award was achieved by Swansea University. The University also received a 5-star rating for teaching quality from the QS Stars global university rating system. More information is available on the Teaching Excellence at Swansea University webpage.

This Code of Practice is aligned with the Swansea Graduate and the University’s Centenary Commitments, outlined in the University’s Learning and Teaching Strategy 2019-2024, which underpin planned developments for learning, teaching and assessment over the next five years. The resources that form the Code of Practice for Learning Teaching and Assessment are split accordingly into the following themes:





Through these key themes, and in-line with the 7 Characteristics of a Good Teacher programme developed by the Swansea Academy for Learning and Teaching, the Code of Practice offers guidance and resources for staff and students in the areas of inclusive learning and teaching, active learning, communication and co-creation between staff and students, as well as effective assessment and feedback. Swansea University will continue to develop an environment in which students are able to learn and grow, feel part of a community, have a sense of belonging and develop social capital. 

Please also see Assessment and Feedback Policy – Swansea University.

The principles, policies and processes relating to Learning, Teaching and Assessment will be reviewed annually.

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