Intellectual Property, Copyright and Student Responsibility

The Copyright of teaching materials, including audio and visual recordings, remains the property of the creator, which normally means the lecturer. The University, as outlined in the University’s Intellectual Property Policy, is given a license to use the academic teaching materials. In support of its commitments to equal opportunities, the University permits the audio or visual recording of teaching sessions under the conditions set out in this Policy. The student does not hold any copyright ownership rights for any recorded materials that are produced as a result of this policy.

Recordings may only be used for personal study, and may not be reproduced or distributed to others or otherwise made publicly available.  Any student found to be in breach of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.

Data Protection

If a recording contains footage of individuals, data protection issues may arise. Images of an individual may be classed as personal data if the individuals can be identified, as such the University will need to ensure compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations (2018).

In order to process personal data, which would include editing, storing and or distributing the video if it contains personal data, consent from the data subject is required. It is therefore important to notify any audience that the lecture will be filmed and make it clear whether they will be filmed.

The lecture recording solution being deployed does not by default record the audience. If filming will take place that may include the audience they should be informed verbally, by specific written notices and /or notices posted in prominent places.

Data retention
Once the supplementary examination period has concluded for the Academic year, all lecture recordings will normally be deleted from the system. It is the responsibility of content creators to inform SALT if their recordings are to remain available from one academic year to the next.

Support and Training

Staff are unable to use the Lecture Recording facility until they have either attended a training session or undertaken the basic online lecture recording course. Forthcoming training sessions can be booked in advance by registering on the SALT Events Page.

Further information on lecture recording can be found on the SALT website:

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