Go Beyond

The Go Beyond programme aims to provide a step change in the delivery of an inclusive curriculum which is focused on providing students with the best learning experience whilst they are here at Swansea University, and equipping them with the personal and professional skills for a successful future.

The Curriculum

At the heart of our curriculum is the “Swansea Graduate”: the mindset, knowledge, skills and experience we hope they will achieve by the time they finish a programme of study at Swansea University. Following extensive consultation with staff and students, including the Innovation Workshop 2016, and by working together with the various services and academies, the programme has identified and developed six main themes of the new Curriculum:


To embrace the view of the individual and individual difference as a source of diversity that can enrich the learning of others.

Research-led, Practice-driven Teaching

To integrate students into the research community and to inspire them with the opportunities of research.

Technology Enhanced Learning Delivery

To provide support for alternative delivery methods and to promote a digital culture.

Student Professional Development

To embed within the curriculum the personal and professional skills required by businesses, organisations and industry.

Student Opportunities

To increase the range of opportunities for students to study abroad, or to take part in volunteering and UK placement opportunities.

Assessment and Feedback

To improve the effectiveness of assessment and feedback methods for staff and students and to reduce the overall administrative burden of assessment.

The focus of the programme has been to review best practice, both internally and externally, and to develop an inclusive curriculum that will embed those practices, offer the best opportunities to our students and distinguish us from our competitors.

The Consultation

Go Beyond is now entering a University-wide consultation where all staff and students are being invited to provide the team with feedback on the three key outcomes from the reviews:

The Academic Year

The Swansea Graduate

The Evaluation Template

Please visit the Go Beyond Consultation site, review the videos and documentation, and give your feedback on the form that is provided. We truly value your opinions and thank you for taking the time to engage with this consultation.

Further information on Go Beyond’s link with Teaching Excellence is available on the University’s Teaching Excellence webpages. You can also contact the team at gobeyond@swansea.ac.uk.


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