Designing, Developing and Approving New Programmes of Study

Like developing any new product for market, establishing a new academic programme takes time, commitment, partnership and an understanding of key academic and educational principles.   

This can be quite daunting, but Academic Quality Services provide a range of training, development and support options to assist any programme developers through the development and approval process. This support is tailored to meet the needs of the programme developers, taking into account the experience of the team. The diagram and descriptions below provide an oversight of the process for taking a new programme of study through the various development and approval phases. 

Academic Quality Services has developed a Programme Delivery Plan for developers, which will guide you through the required steps and establish key milestones to help structure your development. An indicative recommended development timeline is also provided for reference; please do not underestimate the time commitment required for success, and ensure that you approach this as a major project. It can take as long as two years to develop a new programme of study. 

If you are thinking about developing a new programme, or if you are unsure how to approach what you are planning, please contact Academic Quality Services to see how we can help you. 

The following bodies within the University’s Governance structure are involved in the development, approval and review of new programmes: 

Governance Level   Body  Phase  
College/School  Learning & Teaching Committee  


Board of Studies 

University  Programme  

Management Board 

Concept and Business Planning/Proposal 
University   Programme Approval Committee and  


Partnership Board 



University  Learning, Teaching & Quality Committee  Approval 

Please see Assuring Quality and Standards for further information on the University’s Governance structure for Quality Assurance.


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