Development and Approval Process for the New Collaborative Partnership/ Programme

Typically, developing a new collaborative programme will be predominantly supported by the Academic Quality Services and the Academic Partnerships Department. These programmes include:

•  Franchise Arrangements;
•  Validation Arrangements;
•  Flying Faculty Arrangements;
•  Collaborative Research Degrees;
•  Joint Research Degrees;
•  Dual Degrees;
•  Double Degrees.

Stages of the Development and Approval Process:

Stage 1:

a): Initial Identification of Opportunity

Proof of Concept form: Developed by School/Faculty Lead Academic with support from Head of School/Executive Dean and supported by Academic Partnership Department.

Information to be included on the Proof of Concept form:

  • Academic Lead;
  • Academic Department in which the partnership will be based;
  • Level, Title, Subject Area, Mode of Delivery and Duration of proposed partnership;
  • A brief summary of the partnership proposal (who is the partner, how has the opportunity arisen, initial overview of proposed partnership, strategic fit (how does the partnership meeting University/Faculty/School strategic objectives);
  • Costs anticipated with the set-up and delivery of the partnership, and a basic business plan (to include suggested income and costs once the partnership is established).

The Proof of Concept must be supported by the relevant School/Faculty Committee (i.e. L&T or Research Committee). It must also be supported by the Head of School/Executive Dean.

b): Initial Swansea University endorsement

The completed Proof of Concept form will then be considered by Programme Management Board.

Stage 2:

Should the Proof of Concept be supported by PMB, the following will be undertaken:

  • Full due diligence processes (legal, financial and ethical), undertaken by APD;
  • Site visit to partner (if recommended by PMB/CPB and completion of the Site Visit Report;
  • Division of Responsibilities form completed;
  • Full business case to be developed (by proposing School/Faculty, with support from the School’s Finance Business Partner and APD);
  • Academic Quality Services “New/Amending Programme Proposal” form be completed (by the School/Faculty and APD).

The following table identifies the next stages in the approval process.

For more information on developing collaborative programmes please see the relevant FAQ section:

All the necessary forms can be found in our Documents Hub.


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