Core Principles of Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Swansea University’s approach to Learning, Teaching and Assessment is founded upon the following core principles, derived from the 7 Characteristics of a Good Teacher programme developed by the Swansea Academy for Learning and Teaching:

  1. Learning, teaching and assessment should be universally designed and focus on inclusive practice
  2. Encourage contact, communication and co-creation between students and staff
  3. Develop reciprocity and co-operation among students
  4. Encourage active learning
  5. Communicate high expectations
  6. Respect diverse talents and ways of learning
  7. Emphasise time on task
  8. Use assessment which enhances student learning
  9. Authenticity and variety of assessment approaches
  10. Prompt and effective feedback

The core principles have been designed to meet the expectations and practices outlined in the outlined in the UK Quality Code for Higher Education, and the guiding principles included in the Advice and Guidance for Learning and Teaching and Assessment and Feedback.

The principles, policies and processes relating to Learning, Teaching and Assessment will be reviewed annually.

Date of last review: 28 January 2019

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