Core Principles of Collaborative Partnerships

The University seeks to develop and maintain exciting strategic and global partnerships which will enable its students to broaden their horizons and enhance the student experience both through mobility, pursuing study overseas and through interaction with high profile international institutions and staff.

Swansea University’s proportionate and risk-based approach to the development, approval and review of collaborative partnerships (and their associated programmes) is based upon the following core principles:

  1. All collaborative partnerships will be market driven, strategically aligned and financially and educationally viable;
  2. There will be alignment between the proposed partner and the strategic priorities and values of the University/Faculty/School;
  3. All programmes delivered through collaborative partnerships will be designed to meet the quality and standards set by the University’s approval processes, the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications and the relevant QAA Subject Benchmarks;
  4. All programmes delivered through collaborative partnerships will be designed to be student focused, inclusive and to equip graduates with a range of employability and entrepreneurial skills and networking opportunities, positioning them effectively as global citizens;
  5. All collaborative partners will be of a suitable calibre, taking account of reputation and World Ranking status;
  6. All collaborative arrangements will assure parity of the student experience;
  7. Wherever possible and/or appropriate, employers and students will be actively involved in the development, approval and review processes;
  8. All collaborative partnerships will be effectively monitored through the Quality Review process and recruitment monitored through the annual portfolio review.

The core principles have been designed to address the  advice and guidance identified in the UK Quality Code, Advice and Guidance: Partnerships.

The principles and processes for the approval of new collaborative partnerships will be reviewed annually.

Date of last review: 9 December 2019


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