College Engagement

Academic Quality Services strives to provide the best support to our colleagues in Colleges and Schools across the University and therefore each College/School has an assigned Engagement Officer, who is the first point of contact for any quality assurance and enhancement queries.

The purpose of the College/School Engagement Officer role is to offer advice, support and guidance but also to assist Colleges/Schools with the quality review processes such as Annual Programme Review.

Below is a list of the current Engagement Officers:

Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law: Phil Maull / James Bennett

School of Management: Jenny Hann

College of Engineering: Cath McVeigh

College of Arts and Humanities: Tbc

College of Science: Jo Parketny

College of Human and Health Sciences: Fiona Rees- Cridland

School of Medicine: Tom Hennessy

The College: Cath McVeigh

Please do get in touch with us, and we will do our best to assist you!