External Examiners


The University has reviewed the expectations of its External Examiners in the current circumstances, acknowledging that there needs to be flexibility whilst maintaining academic standards and compliance with core principles as expediently as possible.

Currently, the University’s External Examiners have responsibility for the following:

  • Review of assessment before it is confirmed;
  • Review of a sample of marked assessments;
  • Review of the distribution of marks;
  • Attendance at examination boards;
  • Sign-off of award endorsement forms.

In consideration of the current Covid-19 situation, and in particular the move away from unseen written examinations and the UK Government restrictions placed upon travel at the current time, the following amendments to External Examiner duties/roles have been approved:

  • Review of sample of marked assessment – volume to be decided locally;
  • Review mark distribution– volume to be decided locally;
  • Where an External Examiner has already been sent an assessment to review, the External should be allowed to carry on with this work and their comments taken into consideration when confirming the assessment;
  • Should an External Examiner become unable to carry out their duties due to illness, the college/school can instead appoint a panel of “internal externals” to undertake the review;
  • External Examiners whose contract is scheduled to expire in 2020 will be given the option to take an extension of one year’s tenure;
  • Those External Examiners who do not already have access to Canvas and Turnitin should be granted access to view materials. This must now also apply to Canvas;
  • External Examiners should have a virtual presence at exam boards, where possible;
  • External Examiners should continue to submit reports via the online system where possible, but the timeframe for submission may be extended;
  • Electronic signatures will be accepted to sign-off endorsement forms.

For further information please contact externalexaminers@swansea.ac.uk.

External Examiners play a crucial role in assuring standards and the University is committed to supporting them to do this in accordance with QAA’s Quality Code External Expertise.

The University’s Code of Practice for External Examiners will provide you with information you need relating to:

Appointment of External Examiners 

Appointment Criteria

The Role of the External Examiner

Information and Support

External Examiners’ Reports

Paying Fees and Expenses

Guidelines for Reciprocal Arrangements for External Examining


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