About AQS

Assuring Quality - Driving Innovation

Our Philosophy

Swansea University is an ambitious institution, committed to continued growth, and needs an approach to quality assurance and enhancement which helps to fulfill that ambition.

We took the opportunity to review and re-frame quality assurance to take a fresh approach using data informed, risk-based methods focused less on traditional box ticking and more on delivering an effective, streamlined service which delivers impact for users and the University. Taking inspiration internationally, and in particular from the enhancement led approach in Scotland, we see Quality Assurance as integral to successful business dynamics of delivering high quality programmes and student experience, dedicated to making things continuously better, rather than maintaining the status quo.

We see quality assurance and enhancement as a journey, and are continually exploring innovative ways to enhance our processes through integration and efficient use of data and systems, and work closely with a range of professional services across the University to deliver sustainable solutions.

Our Mission

Academic Quality Services will develop and deliver an innovative and exceptional sector-leading approach to quality assurance and enhancement, enabling Swansea University to achieve and maintain continuing growth and excellent student experience, within the top UK Universities.

What Do We Do?

Academic Quality Services covers a wide range of quality assurance and enhancement roles within the University, and are critical in delivering across key areas. We work with our stakeholders: Academics, Students and Professional Services colleagues in particular, to provide support, advice, guidance and training in order to co-create and deliver effective solutions.

Quality, Standards and Regulations

Programme Design, Development, Approval and Review

  • Overseeing and managing the University’s portfolio of programmes.
  • Developing and approving of new programmes.
  • Approving and managing enhancements to programmes.
  • Managing the Quality Review process to assure and continuously enhance the quality of the University’s provision.

External Engagement

  • Managing the External Examiners and process.
  • Assuring quality of programmes with Collaborative Partners.
  • Working with Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment

  • Drafting, revising and maintaining relevant Policy and Process.
  • Ensuring inclusive practices are embedded in all curricula.
  • Making recommendations for enhancement.
  • Advising on Curriculum Design, Assessment approaches etc. 

How Can We Help?

Academic Quality Services is first and foremost a service. We are here to support, facilitate and enable you to be the best that you can be, whilst ensuring standards are robustly but proportionately maintaining and protecting the reputation of the University and the staff and students within.

The best way that we can help you is if you contact us when you encounter an issue, and we can support you through the process to deliver the optimum solution.

We can provide advice and guidance on any of the areas under our purview, and often in related areas, to ensure you get the best service. We also have Codes of Practice and Frequently Asked Questions on this website to help.

We have an Engagement Officer assigned to each of our constituent Faculties to provide on the ground expertise, and an internal Quality Network to share experience and effective practice within the University.

We are continuously exploring and reviewing our systems and processes to ensure that they deliver for the user and the University, and seeking feedback on how we can improve.


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